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Será que precisa?

Essa documentação estava numa página da Microsoft. O que me chamou a atenção foi a nota de rodapé: “Os círculos foram adicionados para maior clareza”. Será que um usuário do Outlok poderia confundir os singelos círculos com a interface gráfica do Windows?

Pra quem duvida, veja o link da página original.


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iPhone lost Carrier after Call

I was in the middle of a call 3 days ago when it dropped and showed “No Service” instead of the usual 3 or 4 bars of signal strength.

Since then I’ve restored the iPhone twice, and it’s still crazy. The first 24 hours it wouldn’t find a Network in any way. Yesterday I suddenly received a call, and It worked fine for the rest of the day, making and receiveing calls. At night it dropped a call and started showing “No Service” again. The difference now is that it shows network connection, and when I try to make a call it fails and then shows “No Service”, and a few seconds later it restores the network connection…

So far I’ve found these candidates for an explanation:

  • Some iPhones suddenly turn to crap, call tech support and get a new one – no option for me, I’m in Brazil using Claro/Telmex – no iPhone support from Apple in this case.
  • Just restart the Network settings and it comes back to life – not for me…
  • It’s a problem with the SIMcard/Carrier – No, I’ve already tested my SIM in other phones, no problem.
  • It’s the firmware – I’ve seen people complaining about this with every firmware version available, so I don’t think it is software. Mine is running 1.1.4, and has been for the last 3 weeks.
  • It’s a magnetic thing, the iPhone was placed next to some strong magnet and will come back to life eventually – Maybe, I do have a 2.5″ Hard Drive with a very powerfull magnet, and I carried it along with the iPhone a few times this week.
  • It’s a short-circuit between the antenna and the aluminum case caused by charging the iPhone while it sits over some other heat generating device – Also very possible, as I frequently connect the iPhone cable and place it over a external storage that can get pretty hot from time to time.

The solution for the last case is openning the iphone and placing a plastic film between the antenna and the case to avoid the short-circuit. I’ll try it latter and post the results.

Below is the video showing full network connection, then I place a call, then it drops to “No Service”

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Torx 8 ScrewDriver for MacBook HD

Originally uploaded by Gustavo Diogenes

If you need or want to replace your MacBook hard drive you’ll need a Torx8 screw driver. I found this out 2:00AM :)

Essa semana eu atualizei o HD do meu Macbook e parei na hora que precisei tirar o HD da bandeja onde ele vem parafusado. Os parafusos são do tipo Torx, tive que esperar o dia seguinte e ir comprar um kit numa loja de eletrônicos lá no Alecrim.

PS: Achei interessante que o novo HD de 250GB consome a metade da energia do anterior de 120GB. Pode ser impressão minha mas o indicador da bateria está me dando 4 horas de autonomia :), não me lembro disso antes.

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Wii Remote Hacks

Sem palavras, é muuito massa, assistam :)

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Menino do computador

Originally uploaded by Gustavo Diogenes

Não importa o quanto você sabe, pra sua mãe você sempre vai ser um menino que gosta de mexer em computador :)

Quando minha mãe me pediu pra dar uma olhada no PC dela, passei direto pro verdadeiro menino :)

1 comment April 13th, 2008

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